German Organization Spotlight

University and Student, Cultural, Non Profit
German Devils is a student organization at the Arizona State University located in Tempe, AZ
University and Student, Cultural, Non Profit
German Graduate Student Association is a student organization at the Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, TN
Government, Embassies and Consulates
In addition to the Embassy and eight Consulates General, there are also many honorary consuls in the U.S. ready to assist you with advise and counsel. Honorary consuls are called „honorary“ because they perform their work on an honorary basis and are not paid a fee for their services. Many of our honorary consuls are not German citizens; compared with the foreign missions, they have only limited consular authority and thus also only limited official means to provide assistance. For example, only some are able to accept passport applications from you, notarize signatures, or perform similar functions. Because they frequently practice their consular office alongside a main profession, it is not reasonable to expect that they are always present or available by phone. If there is an honorary consul at your vacation site and you require assistance, you should nevertheless initially contact them because they best knows the local situation. Honorary consuls will, if necessary, refer you further to the competent German foreign mission if they themselves cannot assist.